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A 2013 Conscien Health research study on the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs concluded “holding employees accountable for the health impact of obesity without providing access to evidence-based treatment raises a fundamental issue of fairness.” For companies that have taken the important step to offer onsite medical services to employees, this conclusion underlines the urgency to integrate evidence-based obesity medicine services into its clinic operations. 

Our 1-day seminar on Thursday, November 12th will provide the basics on how to add obesity screening and treatment services.

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Learning Objectives Summary

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

•  Routinely screen and provide diagnoses to patients who are obese

•  Identify the important components of an effective obesity management plan

•  Implement a structured weight-loss maintenance plan that aids in the retention of healthy weights for employees and dependents

•  Understand the role of the medical team as support for each stage of patient care

•  Evaluate the safety of currently available pharmacologic therapies meant to aid with weight loss and weight maintenance in patients with obesity


landing_casestudy_coverMeet Dr. Joe Thomas of Nucor Steel, a medical director who has achieved clinical, financial and productivity goals by implementing the Pondus Health program and platform within his onsite clinic. Learn more about his success in the case study below.


About PondusHealth
PondusHealth, Inc. is a pioneer in the digital personalization of patient behavioral treatment plans, specifically focusing on the disease of obesity. Drawing from its decade of experience supporting obesity care delivery for over 1,000 medical providers through its sister company CMWL, Inc., PondusHealth has been able to develop a scalable system that produces evidence-based, sustainable weight loss and positive health outcomes for corporations and large health care providers.

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