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Have you ever felt that your busy lifestyle gets in the way of your ability to lose weight in a healthy way? Planning a delicious, nutritious meal for you and your family almost seems like an impossibility. That’s where DinnerTime comes in! is a web-based tool that generates personalized meal plans based upon your unique food preferences and health requirements, and turns those into shopping lists. The tool's algorithm is weighted towards identifying ingredients in your plan that are on sale at your local grocery store. So you not only save on calories, but save on your grocery bill!


How Does It Work With The CMWL Program?
The CMWL Program is comprised of three general phases: QuickStart, Modified/Transition, and Maintenance. DinnerTime is perfect for those in Modified/Transition and Maintenance. If you are following QuickStart, you’ll know that DinnerTime is available to you once you complete that phase!

$20 Off for CMWL Patients!
To help you meet your weight loss goals, CMWL patients receive $20 off an annual subscription! To redeem this offer, just go to and enter the promotion PROMOTION CODE: CMWL

You can also take advantage of a
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Customers Love DinnerTime
“It not only saves me time and money, but it has made my family eat healthier. I thought I couldn’t afford to eat healthier, but now I can thanks to DinnerTime! “