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Do a search for "how to lose weight" on the internet and you won't be able to count the number of programs and products that claim to be weight loss experts. But don't believe them. The vast majority of these are not established in medical science. That's what makes us different. As declared by the American Medical Association, weight is a medical issue and should be addressed with a medical approach. By understanding how to lose weight - and more importantly keep it off - from a medical perspective, you'll be able to believe that everyone, (yes, including YOU!), has the ability to live their best life at a healthy weight.

Current Episodes
New episodes are posted to our blog the first Monday of every month, so make sure to mark your calendars. Here are the first two intro episodes below, plus the release dates of future shows.

February 2017: Episode 6- Food Addiction
In this episode of CMWL Weight Loss Talk, Dr. Pinto discusses food addiction- Is food addiction real? What are the symptoms, causes, and treatment options? How to improve your relationship with food and lose weight.


January 23, 2017: Episode 5- Binge Eating Disorder
The most common eating disorder in the United States is Binge Eating Disorder (BED). In this podcast, Dr. Pinto describes what binge eating disorder, signs and treatment, and differences between BED and Food Addiction.


January 3, 2017: Episode 4- How Exercise Fits into Your Weight Loss Strategy
In this podcast, Dr. Pinto discusses exercise and its role in weight loss. He discusses which exercises are best for weight loss and ways to get active for every fitness level.


December 5, 2016: Episode 3- How Hormones Impact Weight Loss
A common cause for weight gain is hormonal imbalance. In this podcast, Dr. Pinto discusses which hormones contribute to weight gain, and ways to regulate hormone levels.


October 31, 2016: Episode 2- How To Increase Resting Metabolism
The majority of calories you burn during the course of the day come from your resting metabolism.
In this podcast, Dr. Pinto describes resting metabolism and ways to increase it to burn more calories and improve weight loss.


October 31, 2016: Episode 1- Why You Should Know Your Body Composition
For those who are looking to lose weight, knowing your body composition is invaluable information.
In this podcast, Dr. Pinto explains how a Body Composition Analysis factors into successful weight loss programs.



February 2017: Episode 7- Staying Motivated While Losing Weight 
In this episode of CMWL Weight Loss Talk, Dr. Pinto will discuss ways to keep yourself motivated along your weight loss journey.

 About Dr. Pinto


Dr. Matthew G. Pinto is board certified in obesity
medicine and the Medical Director of The Center
for Medical Weight Loss (CMWL). He is well-known
in the Philadelphia area for his successful medical
weight loss practice and instructs doctors and medical providers across the US on how to deliver effective
weight loss services to patients who are in need.